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Posted on Aug 31, 2009

Many of us find more fullness in ourselves and experience personal growth as a result of playing and InterPlay. Our InterPlay Leaders are no exception. And we’re especially thankful for those who lead events and those who support the InterPlay Community. We at Playground, the volunteer team who coordinate InterPlay activities on behalf of the non-profit Body Wisdom Inc., support our trained leaders who are or who want to be actively leading to grow into their potential – their ease, proficiencies, confidence, and in their special gifts. One form of support is offering continuing education opportunities. One’s coming up in October and certified leaders in the Triangle will be notified.

If you are interested in becoming certified as an InterPlay Leader, the first step is the Life Practice program. This program is for everyone who wants to explore the application of InterPlay in their own lives, whether you have a desire to lead or not. Once you’ve completed the Life Practice program, you can choose to take the Leader Training program to learn about leading others in the practices of InterPlay. There are a number of upcoming events that you can take advantage of to start your quest.

The endless quest to find fullness in ourselves and others is but one example of the vitality and depth within our InterPlay Community. Be active. Be fun. Be your best, with ease!

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Special Events

Jan 26 – Feb 2

InterPlay Guatemala Adventure 2019

Villa Sumaya Retreat Center
Lake Atitlan, Guatemala


Feb 21 – Feb 23

Secrets of Leading InterPlay

Pullen Memorial Baptist Church

Leading Others—Spreading Grace!



Ginny Going & Tom Henderson

Ginny Going and Tom Henderson are retreat and workshop leaders, performance artists, organization consultants and master InterPlay teachers.