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Posted on Oct 02, 2008


Playground members from left to right: Brian Herring, Roger Adkins, Janet Jones, Constance Bibb, Dyck Dewid (not pictured: Barbara Smalley-McMahan)

The Playground’s origin began as a thought process of Triangle InterPlay Regional Leaders Tom Henderson and Ginny Going. Their leadership in the InterPlay community also encompassed many facets of administrative duties and the dream of a new model within the InterPlay community came alive! An integrated group body within InterPlay Triangle to execute the administrative responsibilities apart from the responsibilities of the Regional Leaders…the Playground was born.

In early December, 2006 a team of volunteers met and committed themselves to follow through on the administrative duties of InterPlay in the Triangle. The Playground serves in coordinating the schedule of InterPlay events and communicating that schedule to the InterPlay community.

Through this website and the email list, Playground keeps you informed of the latest offerings on the calendar.  You’ll find information on where to attend local Playgroups, Bodyspirit Celebrations, Performance Jams, Untensives and many other happenings for your participation in strengthening the InterPlay community in the Triangle.

The Playground also offers continuing education for leaders and handles the non-profit financial affairs as part of Body Wisdom, Inc.

Please contact Playground with comments or questions. Current membership of Playground:
Roger Adkins,
Constance Bibb,
Dyck Dewid,
Brian Herring,
Janet Jones,
Barbara Smalley-McMahan,



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Special Events

Jan 26 – Feb 2

InterPlay Guatemala Adventure 2019

Villa Sumaya Retreat Center
Lake Atitlan, Guatemala


Feb 21 – Feb 23

Secrets of Leading InterPlay

Pullen Memorial Baptist Church

Leading Others—Spreading Grace!



Ginny Going & Tom Henderson

Ginny Going and Tom Henderson are retreat and workshop leaders, performance artists, organization consultants and master InterPlay teachers.