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NC New Year’s Untensive at The Summit

Posted on Mar 16, 2009

North Carolina InterPlay “blew” in the 2009 New Year at The Summit, a retreat center in Browns Summit, NC (near Greensboro) part of the Haw River State Park. 

InterPlayers at the New Year's Untensive

New Year’s horns, flying wishes, rock throwing and candle labyrinth were a few rituals guided by Ginny Going & Tom Henderson from New Years Eve to Saturday, January 3rd, 2008/2009.  Every chance the group had to blow their holiday horns, they did!

Special wishes, dreams and hopes were written on fine delicate paper sent up to the heavens on the wings of fire and with oooos and ahhhhhhs from the group.  A New Years poem written previously by Oliver and Tom Crichton accompanied a candlelit march to the pond where InterPlayers offered their rocks towards the water and “letting go”.  A reflective time on the last evening with a candlelit labyrinth; walking your own path and placing your candle with those of fellow InterPlayers…lighting the space with the essence of starting new.

Games were played with high winds of competition, belly laughs and chocolate delights!  New friends from Pennsylvania and Florida playing with InterPlayers from Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill, Walnut Cove, Asheville and DC.  Music made up in the moment and some from Phantom of the Opera.  Liquid movements, stories, deep sharing, surprising guitar, sultry saxophone, group poetry with Tom and a cowboy chorus to boot. 

This is a brief breeze of the great winds that IP NC blew in the New Year with! Come play with NC anytime and be sure to play with us for New Years 2009/2010!

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Ginny Going & Tom Henderson

Ginny Going and Tom Henderson are retreat and workshop leaders, performance artists, organization consultants and master InterPlay teachers.