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Off the Deep End Ensemble Presents “We The People”

Posted on Oct 27, 2008

We the People Poster

On November 8 in the wake of a long, polarizing presidential campaign, Off The Deep End Ensemble will explore how “winners” and “losers” might come together as people united for a common good.  The two concerts at 3:00 & 7:30 p.m. at Crocker’s Mark Gallery, 613 W. Morgan Street will include original dance, music, and story as a bridge between “us” and “them” and to acknowledge that no one person or party holds all the truth.
Audience input is a vital part of every ODE concert. Ideas from audience members come to life on stage in a unique, unscripted performance created in the moment – a different kind of improvisation.
Off the Deep End Ensemble uses a system called InterPlay® to create unscripted performances that weave together dance, story and music. The company has been performing together for over ten years and offers concerts for non-profit organizations, social service agencies, conferences, schools and in other settings.

Dyck DeWid, a local contractor, says about an ODE concert experience, “There were so many things in your stories and in your movements and in your music that touched me personally. I watched and participated internally and also found myself bursting out in laughter without warning. I came away feeling more connected to the world.”

Ensemble directors Ginny Going and Tom Henderson and other company members offer InterPlay classes and workshops where participants discover the power and wisdom of their own movement, stories and songs. “InterPlay is an art form, a spiritual practice and a way to build community through improvisation and play,” says Henderson. “And it uses simple, incremental forms that any body can do” adds Going. More information on Off The Deep End Ensemble and InterPlay can be found at  or

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Ginny Going & Tom Henderson

Ginny Going and Tom Henderson are retreat and workshop leaders, performance artists, organization consultants and master InterPlay teachers.